Brief Description of Obstacles for the 5K course

(somewhat in order but some grouped for brevity of description)

Tire running Four sets of hurdles throughout course
Conundrum – connected series of A frames for climbing
Two under barricades
One over barricade
Garden mud crawl
Hay stack
Under cargo net on ground
Uphill climb
Rope climbing to ring bells
Mud wallow
Bungee spider web
Three connected hills
One long climb up jeep trail
One bog (work around logs)
One log jam – twenty tree trunks to clear
Two up and over A frames
Foot hills – gravel mounds to run over
Five ravines and/or cliffs
Over-under along water filled ditch
Floats across pond
Under barrier along water filled trench
100 yard dash along water trench
Connected series of overs and unders
Tank traps (under barbed wire)
Coffins – over a 12 foot pyramid of boxes
Tar pit – swim-trudge through mud trench

* Course subject to change without notice.